Today Weather

The last weather app you'll ever need

Today Weather, one of my fav weather apps got a nice 2.0 update w/ a brand new design. Solid update @kenyarmosh!
Thanks for the hunt @robjama! We're super excited that the update has been so well received, including getting an overall feature on the App Store. We launched the initial version back in 2013 because I wanted a single screen to show me how to prepare for the day. The "today" view gives a snapshot of the weather now, the high and low for the day, and three 4 hour intervals beyond that. So if you check Today at 8 AM, you'll see the weather through the end of the day. Our customers also enjoy our weekly forecast view, which is a quick swipe away. The 2.0 version is mostly a design update, so there are only a couple of functional changes. The main one is how people add and reorganize locations they've added to the app. I'm happy to answer any questions or hear feedback.
I have been looking for a good weather app. I want weather and radar combined. Looks like this may just give me what I want!
Does it tell me what the weather was YESTERDAY? So many weather apps just purge the prior days weather which makes no sense to me. I remember if I felt cold/hot yesterday, so if TODAY is going to be hotter/colder I can more easily plan accordingly.
@sixside That's an interesting idea but we do not keep previous conditions around in Today Weather.