Today Snippet

Share text to the Today view, even on the lock screen

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Need to keep a snippet of text handy? Tired of messing up your notes, trying to keep the app open and unlocked while you are trying to do something else. Today Snippet will allow you to share text, or a selection of text, with the Today widget. Then you can see your info with a simple swipe down, even when your phone is locked.
This is the one thing I didn't had on my iPhone and now I own an Android.
Viewing notes on the lock screen is brilliant
@leafbomb Also works from any app that you can share or select text e.g. select text in Safari then Share from the context menu.
Great idea. The today screen is easily overlooked with too many apps trying to make it an action space instead of making use of its dashboard magic. Needs better editing option to make it really useful. Good start.
@tomflemming What sort of editing options are you thinking of?
Great idea. Using it now. It would be useful if it added to list not overwrite the last entry. Also the saved list could be editable. Im thinking of something like Simplenote.