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Thomas Schranz ⛄️
Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Twitter's and Facbeook's "trending right now" features are super fascinating and a good reflection on what's currently going on. "Today on the Internet" kind of is the meme version of that reflecting the internet zeitgeist. Prepare for cat content overload 🎨🔥
Andreas Gutzelnig
Andreas GutzelnigMaker@thenextgu · CEO, Storyclash
@__tosh thanks for hunting us! We built "Today on the Internet" to detect current trending content on social media in realtime and provide it to the general public as a daily ranking. I'm here with @raskolnikow and @johannes_holzmann today to answer any questions!
@thenextgu Even if I login with FB I still can't load more than 10.
Jake Wiesler
Jake Wiesler@jake_wies
This is awesome. Love the simple design too. Where are you pulling the data from?
Andreas Gutzelnig
Andreas GutzelnigMaker@thenextgu · CEO, Storyclash
@jake_wies Thanks! :) Our crawler scans thousands of facebook pages continuously for new content.
Alex Haider
Alex Haider@haidelbert1 · Software Engineer
awesome idea! what kind of data are used for the ranking algorithm?
Phil Lihp
Phil LihpMaker@raskolnikow · CTO Storyclash
@haidelbert1 Its basically facebook likes/shares/comments on facebook-posts including that image/gif/video
Mort Goldman
Mort Goldman@mort_goldman · My name is not really Mort Goldman
Once again, why did I not think of this?
Anish Shrestha
Anish Shrestha@anixification · cofounder, @FawesomeApps
This is really cool!