Today List

24 hour to-do list, for Slack

Today List is a todo list for Slack with one day deadline to every task you add.

Complete the tasks in 24 hours or they'll expire.

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4 Reviews5.0/5

Loving this idea. I wish this was available outside Slack as well.


I always have a deadline to my todos now


Only available in Slack

A unique take on Todo lists. Looking forward to use it on day to day basis.
@utkarsh_srivastava2 I hope you like it ☺️
Haha! Snaplist? This does seem to have a potential to increase my productivity. Nice idea though! 😁
Today List because todos are valid only for Today? Clever! 😅
Oh I like this, nice approach, too often do I let my tasks run well past their due date, hopefully this will help! 🎉
@aaronoleary That was the intent. I hope this is useful to you. 😊