A beautifully designed timepiece for the modern day πŸ•—

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Today is a beautifully designed clock that has a single hand, which takes 24 hours to complete a single revolution. It reminds me more of a clock you'd see on your phone, but on your wall. I mean, putting a typical wall clock next to Today kind of says it all...
I love that so many designers are reinventing the analog clock
Simply watching the GIF relaxes me. In my view this clock picks up where the sundial left off. Maybe, we can add a 4th circle to their image of the evolution of clocks for ~150BC.
Impressive that they've already reached their Kickstarter funding call by more than 4x πŸš€
@nivo0o0 yet barren land here! how do we decide if its successful [panicked techy face]
It's beautiful, but I'm wondering what to do with it when time changes to summer's or winter's one