A customizable wake-up alarm

I wish apps like this would also offer a minimum featured free version so that I can get a feel for it and decide if I'd use it enough to buy the whole thing. nnI know it's only a couple of bucks, but the amount of apps I download, look at once and never open again, it's a massive barrier to me.nnProduct screen shots look nice though! ;-)
@jaiganticness agree! Special deal for PHers?!? :)
I love these kinds of alarm apps that give you a sort of "morning briefing" before you do anything. As an Android user, I'm fond of AlarmPad (, and I have yet to check out the newly-updated Morning Kit (, but they both seem like similar concepts to this app. Side note: I'm always nervous about using new alarm clock apps and find myself waking up really early thinking that the alarm didn't work ;)
I don't think I'll ever fully understand the purpose of using an alarm clock other than the native clock built for iPhone. The fact that I have to leave my phone "awake" for the whole night, is annoying and forces me to worry about what will happen if I go to sleep. I know this one says that I can be woken by a push notification if the device falls asleep, but that means I'll be waking up from my other push notifications I would be receiving as well. It's a beautiful app, and offers sweet features - but, until Apple allows 3rd party clocks to run in the background, I won't be switching any time soon.
@blakeir I've gotta agree. The most compelling non-default alarm clock I've ever used was Sleep Cycle ( because it sensed your movement and gently woke you up over a period of 30 minutes. Great app, but had the same problems in that it was a huge battery drain (requiring me to keep it plugged in) and, after a while, the convenience of swiping up, selecting clock, and falling asleep won out. I wonder how "Today" will address those concerns. That being said, I do love the idea of having a digest ready to greet me with important and relevant information to start the day. Maybe I will try this out in conjunction with a default alarm to be safe.
This remind me of the contextual dashboard that @zackshapiro was riffing on with me a while ago. I can imagine this being used in the living room or kitchen as well (e.g. read the news while cooking) but the waking up use case makes sense, helping market the product to a specific user narrative.
This is a great idea, I'm looking for exactly that, rather than the annoying default alarm of my iPhone. However, just looking at the comments on the app store, I understand that it's not worth its price just yet.