A simple todo list application.

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2018

Todapp is a simple todo list application. Todapp making easier to planning your day.

• It can easily create a list of things to do.

• This can check the configurations on the list.

• Can generate notifications for the created list.

• More importantly, you can do all of this quickly and easily with the simple, end result interface.

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I keep seeing a lot of to do apps popping around.. What's unique about this one? Was this more of a learning process? I know quite a few people in my circle that like to start out by doing simple apps. I just wish I see some kind of unique touches to them. Great job otherwise 🙂
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Nice in short but common




Similar to other applications on market

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Are you going to Android application? Liked it.
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@ugur2nd Thank you, I'm not thinking of writing android apps for now.
what it makes unique
@igityan_hayarpy Simple, no membership required and only purpose-focused
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@uikenan I think you are a talented and ambitious person....!!!! But a humble suggestion is that use your time and resources to build something not available in the market! "Make something people need and love"...! Eg: ProductHunt. Good Luck.
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@dayaldave Thank you for recommending ☺️
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@uikenan Try this book, before you get into any market, which will be an eye opener for you and will save you lot of time. > The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries, Jack Trout
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Is this collaborative? Can I create a list and share it with my wife? If so, does she need to install the app and have an account?
@mickc79 no internet connection required and no membership system