Customizable web calendars that blend into your site

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AwesomismMom@deleted-548476 · CEO of AwesomismMom
Love this!
Roy Munin
Roy Munin@muninjlm · CEO, MadeinJLM
Good functionality, don't love the design. It drives me nuts that nobody's made something like this that actually looks good. Our community really needs one.
Chris Degenaars
Chris Degenaars@chris_degenaars · Storyteller. Practitioner.
I have used Tockify for a while now, for a few clients, and have mixed feelings about it. Overall, it's an amazing tool to use and really is the *only* tool like it. If you want a better looking option for a Google Calendar embed or any other calendar embed, this is hands down the best one around. My complaints: 1. Designing the calendar can be a bit difficult. Once it's done, it's done. But if you've never done it before, it's a real headache. 2. The price is a bit much IMO. Our agency hasn't been able to fully commit to this solution because a white label calendar - just ONE white label calendar - is $40/mo or $33/mo annually. Times that by the 100 clients that want adds up...quick. If it wasn't so pricey, we would be all in and never look back. --- Nonetheless, if you don't mind minimal branding, for $8/mo it doesn't get better than this and I recommend this to everyone who needs a calendar.