Tock Alarm

An iOS alarm that reads you information that matters

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Good start. Will try out next week. Would like a more material look, but it's ok. Hopefully, the voice tech will improve. Recommend that the bedside clock have a horizontal option and include some design inspiration from Red Clock and the other Tock
@donald_partlan Thank you! I will definitely be looking into the changes in a future update. I hope you enjoy!
Hey Guys! My name is Kevin Turner and I am a 2016 WWDC Scholar. When I was growing up, I remember I had a radio alarm clock that would start playing the radio a local news station to wake you up. That became the inspiration for Tock, an alarm that does more than simply beep at you to wake up. Tock reads you the information that matters, such as how long it will take you to get to work based on current traffic conditions, what's on your calendar for the day, your reminders, the weather outside, and news headlines from sources of your choosing. I hope you all enjoy using this app as much as I enjoyed developing it!
@kevinturner62 Congratulations! The app looks great! Thanks for including your reasoning behind creating Tock - it provides a great backstory and one that I know I can relate to.