Tobii Pro Sprint

Create a UX your users will 💖with eye tracking

Tobii Pro Sprint is a web-based, user testing tool that uses the power of eye tracking to reveal what users see in real-time when navigating your wireframes, mockups, digital products or services.

Tobii Pro Sprint quickly uncovers the "why", providing a deeper layer of objective insights for UX professionals working in fast-paced environments.

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Hey Product Hunters! We're thrilled to be introducing Tobii Pro Sprint to the world. Our goal is to bring deeper, objective insights to UX professionals using the power of eye tracking. Share test sessions with stakeholders and other members of your team to show them in real-time what the user sees and doesn't see on your designs. It's super easy to use, works seamlessly into your existing agile way of working, and will expedite the decision making process. Learn more about what insights you can get from eye tracking and how it works below: Let us know if you have any questions, sign-up for a free account on our website to check it out! - Joey 😄
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It is super cool for showing the test sessions live to team members - so they can watch the tests and see where the users are and aren't looking on the website or app. You can settle a lot of arguments when you can really know if the participant didn't actually see something or not, or if they were

looking at something for a long time, or all around the screen - they were

clearly confused or couldn't find what they were looking for. It makes it so much easier to figure out where the problems are.


Really easy to use - being able to see where people are looking is amazing and brings so much value to user testing.


You need to buy hardware (eye tracker).

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Thanks @heatherk for the feedback! 😉

It's super useful to get more detail on how people are using your website, it shows you what they're looking at as it's happening and you can really see areas they struggle with and what features work well. It's super easy to use and worth the investment !


Easy to use - great insight into where and what people are looking at on your site


You need to buy an eye tracker to use with it.

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