TOAST UI Editor provides Markdown mode and WYSIWYG mode.

Someone may like the productivity of Markdown, while others may be looking for an easier way to edit.

The TOAST UI Editor combines both.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
We are delighted to finally show the TOAST UI Editor 1.0 - WYSIWYG Markdown Editor, which has been developed since 2015 on PH! I hope you guys will take a look around the project and be interested. Leave any issue there. Of course, it is also very welcome to leave a review here.
Images uploads to custom hosting/services like FTP/s3 etc. PLEASE. And full screen mode.
@vladkorobov Sure! We have full screen feature on our roadmap. And you can upload to server using API. I'll write a tutorial for it. Thanks! :)
@twghost base64 encode is nice anyway.
I have no idea if it's possible or even a good idea, but I would so love to get markdown in Wordpress. If anyone wants to build a plugin that replaces the standard editor in Wordpress with this it would be awesome!!
@salmiak great idea! :+1 btw we're currently working on framework wrappers(react, vue.js, angular etc). I think we should make one more for Wordpress too. Thanks!
Is there a compiled windows executable version of this?
@rossdcurrie Not yet. We once discussed a electron package but don't have a plan yet.
@twghost Have you considered just making a web-based version available online?
@rossdcurrie Sure. We are planning it. Starting with a simple fullscreen editor page.