Toast! Gummies

A fun hangover prevention gummy based on clinical science

We’re the adult gummy bear that you can share with friends & take wherever the good times are. We partnered with top researchers, including Dr. Joris Verster, to determine alcohol’s effect on your body & how to support your brain, heart, & liver.

  • Pros: 

    Effective relief of troublesome hangovers


    Intensity of flavor.

    The product is a perfect blend of many items that I have used for hangover cures in the past. This product unique blends them in the correct rations and puts them in a fun package, gummy bears.

    Jon Jay has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    They actually work! Took them prior to a long night of drinking and woke up the next morning without a hint of a hangover!


    Taste wasn't great, but not bad enough to not use again.

    Plan on ordering more of these for sure

    Greg C has used this product for one day.
Stumbled upon Toast the other day from my co-founder. Lots of hangover solutions out there in bottles and powder format. This one is cool in a gummy format: seems much easier to share and have at a party. Check em out.
@decathect Thanks Tyler! I'd be happy to answer any questions you (or anyone else) might have about the gummies, the science behind them, or whatever else comes to mind!
Fabulous product! Used on several occasions before long nights of celebration and woke up just fine the next morning.
@calliope_desenberg Thanks Calliope! Always glad to hear that our gummies did the trick!
Tried these and WOW am I a big fan! Awesome to hear the science behind how they work and that they are a natural product. Question for the maker - how did you come up with this idea and formulation?
@anna_sise Hey Anna, always great to hear from a fan of our gummies! Typically when I'm asked how I came up with the idea, people usually think it must be because I used to get hungover a lot. When they find out I lived in New Orleans, they're almost certain that must be the case. But, in my case it actually wasn't. I got sick a few years ago, and the doctors (erroneously, as it turns out) thought it had something to do with my liver. Living in New Orleans, they immediately blamed alcohol. I really wasn't much of a drinker, so that was no small shock, and none of my doctors could really explain how something like that could happen. So I started researching what really happens when you drink, and found a wealth of studies that had come out in the last decade showing what happens and the damage that gets caused...and also how naturally existing ingredients could reduce or outright prevent that damage. Some even showed effectiveness at reducing or preventing hangovers! When I asked my doctors if there was anything using those ingredients to help protect drinkers, I was told there was nothing a drinker could do but either drink less or not all if they cared about their health, and when I told them about the studies I'd been reading, I basically got blank looks in response. So, I started reaching out to the scientists who had actually done the research, and started testing various formulations. I spent about two years trying out different formulations before landing on the one you find in the Toast! gummies today. Everything in it comes straight from clinical science that has shown its effectiveness, and corroborated by round after round of testing.
Great to encounter a hangover product in the form of a "gummy bear"! My wife who loves Haribo's Gold-Bears would love to try out your product. Do you by any chance offer any samples? 😅
@byungwook_chung Hey Andrew! We sure do, and all you have to pay for is shipping. Just select the "sample pack" here:
I tested these out during a "Sunday Funday", the last part of a weekend-long reunion with college friends. Typically, such a weekend would leave me essentially non-functional on Monday,, for the duration of the day. While I still had to peel my face off the pillow on Monday morning, once I was got up, showered, and drank some water, I felt completely fine. Would definitely recommend
@ptj Hey Paul! Glad to hear these worked out and you were able to function come Monday morning!