Organise tabs into organised sessions

#1 Product of the DayAugust 25, 2019
Toast is a simple and lightweight extension that allows you to save all tabs in the open window. This way you can easily switch from project to project or between work and home tabs.
– keep your workflow quick and efficient
– save your computer memory (RAM)
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8 Reviews4.4/5
Love it 🔥 huge fan of the minimalist approach—i find this a better and simple alternative than the clutter in Toby/Qlear.
Looks like this can be a really useful tool for me. Any plan for firefox?
@semihmasat Thanks for comment, now we're working mostly under device synchronization. But in the future we will try to support FF too.
Does not restore pinned tabs?... not so good.... (
@ernest_brugger Yeah I just noticed that. Not a fan. However, probably a simple fix!
I love the simplicity of this tool!