to [icon]

Free (CC-BY) icons in several well-designed series.

to [icon] is a repository of high-quality icons available to the public for free. Each series has at least 100 pixel-perfect icons designed to work together. to [icon] has 2500+ icons and continues to grow.

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There are plenty of places to find icons, but this agency side project reaches for a high standard of quality and consistency with a selection of coherent series.
Icons are becoming an increasing popular method of communication. Will we all one day again communicate like ancient Egypt in pictures, but globally, so that we can all understand each other?
@lougreyvenstein Indeed this observation was one of the motivations for this work. Shannon noted that too many icon libraries were either constrained to typical UI needs or mis-matched collections of clip art. She started the project as a means to teach her design team about applying the care usually reserved for typography to visual communication glyphs.
Love these!
These are one of the best icon sets that I could find on the internet.
These look awesome!