To Eat List

A simple app for food lovers.

Do you have a lot of restaurants in your notes app? Maybe you’re over reviews from people you don’t know. We are here for you. To Eat List is a restaurant app designed to help you remember the places you care about most, and discover new places from friends.
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Hey Product Hunt, Traveling to new cities and eating good food is something I enjoy doing. I’m a self-proclaimed travel show nerd. I love learning about where to eat in the cities I love, and the ones I want to visit. As I watched shows like these, I always used the iPhone’s notes app. I also watched other food lovers do the same thing, but I began to have a problem with it. I found myself jotting down these amazing food destinations, traveling to those destinations, and getting disappointed when I return home and realize I never hit up that epic donut place, or anything else on my list. I needed something more than the notes app or secondary feature within another food/map app that allowed me to bookmark a place. I wanted something simple. Enter the idea for To Eat List. An app that automatically shows you your list of restaurants based on where you are located. Need something local? Open the app. Getting off the plane in NY? Open the app to see all your NY spots. The focus is about the places you care about most. You can also discover new places from your friends. You can see their lists, or tap discover to see their favorites around your location and beyond. Plus, we aren't fans of super-long reviews from people you don't know that love to speak to the manager. 😅So, reviews on To Eat List are bite-sized and only come from people you follow. To Eat List is a simple app for food lovers. I hope you enjoy it. ✌️❤️🍕
Why are you not providing Sign In with Apple support? New apps have to have support for Sign In with Apple.
@georgeperez Great question! It is 100% coming and our app will support it. 👍
Really awesome 🔥
@kerr thank you so much! If you have questions or feedback feel free to let me know or hmu on Twitter. ❤️