Easily design and print your own t-shirts and more

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@joshm first turned me onto Camera 9 months ago (awesome app, btw) and now they've just launched Printshop. Like the camera, they provide a lot of room for creative freedom and bold designs. I present to you, Kanyay West: @nickdangerfield - I'm impressed and see the marketplace opportunity here. Having created a site and mobile app for visual expression, why did you decide to move to this?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. We started this a few months ago. As there was an extraordinary community of artists forming around the tools we had built for web, we felt it was necessary to start creating some paths for revenue for these artists. The print interface was the easier and more obvious one. And, you know, t-shirts are one of the last remaining spaces for genuine art display!
Like Camera and Fields, has a great user experience. And the people there are awesome too. (They hacked up a gift card for me despite not selling them and I was delighted by how helpful they were with getting my first Camera collection together). I'm very excited to see companies like this fill the emerging art/commerce space. @nickdangerfield et al, can't wait to see what's next.