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Way prefer the design of this to other alternatives... but SURELY you need to add an emoji Favicon?! DUH! What makes this better than other alternatives (apart from design)? Why did you put this together? and why?
@bentossell Thanks for the questions, Ben! > [how is it different?] Many sites let you register emoji domains, which is fine if you know exactly what you want. What 😁.to provides is a visual overview of available domains so you can pick and choose. Generally this approach doesn't work since there's an unlimited number of domains you could possibly register, but when it comes to single-character emoji there's only about 1,500 of which 30% is already taken. For example I wouldn't have thought of register 👏.to until I saw it was available. I might add support for other TLDs in the future, but I believe most single-character emoji domains on other TLDs are already taken. There's some exceptions for untrustworthy ccTLDs I wouldn't use myself. (do your own research if you're going to build a business relying on an uncommon ccTLD) > [why did you make it?] Max Guerin told me about emoji support in .to domains. He suggested I'd register one, but I wasn't sure which one to get. So I made a script that checked all possible emoji domains. That way I could pick and choose. After I registered my personal favorites (👋.to, 👏.to, and 🙌.to) I figured I should publicised the list for the rest of the world to benefit from :)
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@bentossell @marckohlbrugge So this is your new highscore.money? ;)
@bentossell @nadermx No, that's still coming :)
I think it's time to update list! Many of the domains are gone.😟 You just boosted sales of emoji domains 😂
@theharshin Haha looks like it. We update the list every hour, but I'll see if I can speed that up.
Shout out to @flarup by the way for his excellent Emoji vector resources (launched on PH yesterday). I used them for the logo and some of the marketing material you see.
@flarup @marckohlbrugge I checked that too. Love it!
What a sham. Register.TO is selling domains that have already been purchased. They aren't even replying to support requests.
This is a neat idea! I love how you made a public repository of all available emoji domain names with .to. Thanks! :D Any plans to make this available for other TLDs too when they're possible, and, any plans to make similar projects for list of common English words?
@arunsathiya when more TLDs open up emoji support and there are enough available (unlike for example .ws) then yeah I'll probably add them. Pretty straight forward now I've got everything else set up for it. I don't have any plans for common English words. I think there's too many and all the good ones are already gone anyway. I will reconsider if new TLDs arrive.
@arunsathiya https://www.producthunt.com/post... adds a total of 17 emoji domain extensions ;)