Turn your calendar into a task manager

TManager is a way to use your calendar as a task manager. It’s a realistic way to plan tasks by scheduling them into the calendar. It has the benefit of displaying how much can get done in the free time available during the day to help improve productivity.

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Connecting Tasks with available time leads to a stronger prioritization and comes down to the realization that usually the number of tasks for a day is greater than the available time.


Connection of tasks and concrete time


I have to get all my work done now

Thank you guys. Were waiting for something like that long time. Going to test
Would like to see events from the app in my calendar also. Are the synced? And... better UI should be done :) I could help
@vladkorobov Hi Vladislav, thanks for the feedback. Yes events can also be synced back to the calendar if you turn it on in the settings. Yes we will be making more improvements but sure, you can connect with me at
@tmanager @ezaam_yusuf I did turned that on... not working for me
@tmanager @vladkorobov Okay, i'll check and will get back to you
@tmanager @vladkorobov Hi I checked, right now the syncing works from the point it is turned on so if any cards were scheduled before it was on, it wouldn't sync but any cards after would. Let me know if still a problem. Thanks
Hi everyone - I’m one of the makers of TManager, a way to use your calendar as a task manager. It’s a realistic way to plan tasks by scheduling them into the calendar. This has the benefit of visually displaying how much free time you have during the day and how much you can get done considering other commitments/events. I tried using the calendar app for task management but as it’s not originally meant for that purpose, it was difficult to get an overview of all tasks. Also, it was difficult scheduling tasks from others apps like Trello, which I use for team task management. So built this with John. It currently comes with Google Calendar and Trello integration, and scheduled tasks can be synced back to Google Calendar by turning syncing on in the settings. We both learnt to code a little over 2 years ago, and since then have been experimenting with stuff and side projects. But this is our first product we are releasing so any feedback will be appreciated. Please let us know how we can improve the app or any other features/integrations needed. I’ll be around for any feedback or questions and would love to hear from you guys. I can also be reached on Twitter @ezaam_yusuf
@ezaam_yusuf if you could do an outlook/office 365 integration I would definitely give it a shot
@mark_allen2 Thanks, we can look into it.
Looks very promising! I"m going to try this one out!