SparkNotes for research articles - a COVID initiative.

We take research articles and use Machine Learning to automatically summarize papers and mount them as a dashboard to get a quick overview.
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Hey πŸ‘‹ I'm Andrew one of the makers of TLDRead. Let me explain why we made this: The ability to understand source material is one of the most important things to be an informed person. Most research is passed to media representatives that summarize and distribute the information to the public but that can lead to disingenuous summaries, Machine Learning doesn't have this issue. We are using TLDRead to target COVID research for now. There is tons of research and most of it is on the ground floor, this creates an exciting but frightening responsibility. Going forward, we firmly believe that TLDRead has the ability to change how the average person gains access to scientific research. We will be implementing: - Audio feature so you can listen in your car on the way to work. - Upload papers you want to be summarized. - Any category you can think of that needs source material simplified. Keep updated: 🌐 or for new uploads everday Thank you for trying out TLDRead, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!
@toews Won't need much of the car use-case nowadays :) Can't wait for the paper upload feature, so many things I want to read through on arxiv nowadays but don't have the time. Congrats on the launch!
@ndneighbor Thanks Angelo, be sure to leave your email and we'll let you know when it's ready :)
This is a great initiative but I would love it if it wasn't covid-19 focused
@owlsoul1 Thank you, we are adding more categories!
Love the idea. Would you get experts to summarise?
@urstrulymishra Thanks! We follow the usual structure of a research paper, but all the summarizations are done using ML..
Interesting concept!
Super needed in this day and age. Thank you <3