TLDRdaily with Matt and Co

5-min daily podcast where interesting people TLDR an article

TLDRdaily with Matt and Co is a daily 5-minute podcast where interesting people share the TLDR of a recent article they loved.

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One of my favorite podcasts right now is Today Explained, which publishes a ~20 minute deep dive into the day's most important news. TL;DR Daily has some similarities, although even shorter and tech-focused. P.S. The stick figures are a nice touch. 👌🏼
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@rrhoover the stick figures are a *very* nice touch
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@aaron_cohn thanks! Did all the photoshopping myself which is likely pretty obvious
@rrhoover yeah I wasn’t sure how long to make it but ended up deciding to really push the experiment by keeping it under 5 minutes, so it would be really low friction to take a listen
Fun intro music, interesting guests and super snappy content. Don't know what else I could ask for in a podcast tbh. 👍
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@sararahmcb thanks! @anchor does an awesome job of making the intro music sound good and fade out, @mayafish showed me that feature
Wow I was literally thinking about how this would be a cool podcast idea approx. six minutes ago in the shower... can't wait to listen!
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@alyaomar thanks excited to hear what you think!

Matt asks smart questions.


Interesting people in short bite of info