TLDR World News

Today's popular breaking news, summarized into 2 sentences.

An always updating feed of breaking news from around the world, summarized in two sentences with a link to the original article if you want to read the full story.

Simply tap a headline to read the summary.

I like the idea of making news accessible, but it's dangerous to boil down complex events and issues into two sentences. A two sentence hook is one thing, but if the idea is to give an important news story in just two sentences, I can't get with it. We need more well-written, more in-depth explanations of what's going on, not fewer.
@jeff_osborn This is a two sentence hook, that's the point. It's a two sentence summary of the article, if it interests you then you click the link at the bottom of the summary and it directs you to the original, full article.
@christopher_hustman Got it. It's a headline aggregator. I like it - it makes catching up easy and is a little bit addictive (I just keep scrolling). Nice work!
May I ask if the news are automatically curated and summarized or it's manually updated by human?
@marcelc63 it's both automatically curated and summarized.
@marcelc63 @christopher_hustman Hi, it looks interesting ! I'm wondering if you would share the API ?
@marcelc63 @cyril_nb It's still in an early prototype stage. I'm working on cleaning it up and getting it to a public usable point, when I get the API usable i'll release it for public use. Thanks for the interest!
Looks mostly extractive. Is this unsupervised?
@bluemonk482 yes, its in a prototype stage. It's a fully automated site, completely extractive, with no supervision as of now. There are duplicates sometimes and some summaries / titles become kinda hard to understand. It's a work in progress.
Interesting! Do you consider summarizing articles from editorial websites in the future?
@dibsonthecheese Thanks! I'm not sure yet, currently im focusing on fresh breaking news or news thats about to become popular.
This is really cool! How are you accomplishing the summarization? Are you using something like Textbox to extract keyword frequency or something?