TLDR Stories

Turn Google Slides presentations into shareable stories.

This alpha version works with simple slides (1 image, 1 title, 1 text):
1/ Copy and paste a Google Slides presentation url
2/ Click the “Storify” button
3/ Boom: you can share the presentation, adapted for mobile.
We'd love to hear your feedback and use cases!
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Hey Product Hunters, Fascinated by how the stories format can improve the way we communicate ideas, we've decided to launch this simple tool to transform your public Google Slides into a shareable stories. We would love to hear what you would like to use it for and it what way. We are shamelessly using open source package to display stories, special thanks to @mohitkarekar for putting it out there and inspiring us. (Would love to contribute to your repo in the near future!) This tool is limited in many ways: for far, it supports public Google Slides with at most 1 image, 1 title and 1 text per slide – and it has only one template (more coming soon!). Nevertheless we are pretty excited to see what you will use it for and what stories you will make. Ping me or @chnsyndey for ideas, requests, questions or anything stories related. Happy hunting, Robi
@chnsyndey @robi Hey Sebastien! This looks amazing! Glad that you are using react-insta-stories :) Keep up the good work! And sure, contributions are welcome! Would it be okay if I include TLDR Stories in the list of sites using the package on GitHub readme?
@mohitkarekar First, thank you for your great package ! We would be glad to be featured on your github :)
@chnsyndey @mohitkarekar Thanks a lot Mohit! Would be honoured to be featured in your readme on GitHub – and we'd love to contribute to your repo as well, we have a few ideas for some developments :)
@chnsyndey @robi Sure, would love to hear them :)
Great product by a great team.
@jonathanmoyal Thanks mate! Hope you find it useful to share mobile-friendly messages or presentations
Telling stories is power! Great tool!
Loving the presentations you are transforming into story so far: - 📸Photography workshop: - 🎂Birthday invitation: - 🏡Airbnb check in instructions:
Love the idea and the vision - looking forward discovering the new features !