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Simplified and community-driven man pages

#4 Product of the DayDecember 28, 2015
Jarrett G.
  • Pros: 

    Clean, concise examples of common command line tools. Great for remembering that obscure unix command you haven't used in years!


    Examples are great, but even more examples would be better

    I would've wasted so much time combing through manpages if it wasn't for this!

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Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
via wikipedia: "A man page (short for manual page) is a form of online software documentation usually found on a Unix or Unix-like operating system"
Shiv@shivkanthb · Make, break and ship.
This is so good! A cheat sheet for Man pages :)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@djug - can you explain what this is please :)
Youghourta Benali
Youghourta BenaliHunter@djug · back-end developer
@bentossell it is a collection of examples for the most common UNIX / Linux / OSX / SunOS commands. it is like MAN pages, but simpler (it gives you just the examples you need to understand and use the command)
Ryan MacCarthy
Ryan MacCarthy@ryanmac · Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
@djug this is awesome! My first search after reading a new MAN page is for examples. It should be the other way around. Great find.
Rowe Morehouse
Rowe Morehouse@rowemore · Executive Director
Same thing as "bro" ... ... been around for a couple years.
Donghee Choi
Donghee Choi@donghee_choi
This is awesome! Hope the community grows bigger and bigger!