A toolbox for your Dropbox. Analyse your folders. Keep track

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Kelly Taylor@ktinboulder · Product at U.S. Digital Service
If you ever want to build in text and image analysis I'll collaborate with you. You could display a graph showing topics most frequently found in a user's dropbox.
Panayotis VryonisMaker@vrypan · Dad, geek, entrepreneur
@ktinboulder Thanks! As I said, it's not intended to become a real product, but you never know :-)
Panayotis VryonisMaker@vrypan · Dad, geek, entrepreneur
It's just a pet project, but feel free to ask any questions or let me know what you think.
Andy Willis@dotcomdude · Business Owner
I would be interested in getting some stats on my Dropbox usage, but am a little concerned about giving access to all of my files. Am I being paranoid?
Panayotis VryonisMaker@vrypan · Dad, geek, entrepreneur
@dotcomdude No, you are not :-) Unfortunately, that's the only permission type of the Dropbox API that would allow a third party to analyse your file sizes, etc.
Adam Bowie@rushhourlocal · Run a Nashville SEO Marketing Agency
@vrypan Hey man - This was a cool project, did you stop supporting/developing for it?
Ruben Garcia@rubengarciam · Solutions Engineer @ Dropbox
this project has been shut down
@ChuckReynolds@chuckreynolds · build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
hah nice. was looking for something like this a while back. used daisydisk to dig in but this is still useful. This is something Dropbox should integrate imo.
Panayotis VryonisMaker@vrypan · Dad, geek, entrepreneur
@chuckreynolds I use DaisyDisk too (great tool), but unfortunately, my Dropbox doesn't fit in my laptop's SSD anymore. So I needed something that would work in the cloud.