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#5 Product of the WeekDecember 28, 2017

Tixio is a tool to organize every one of your web platforms, tools, and sites that you use every day. No more awkward browsers filled with dozens of tabs.

  • Pros: 

    Nice UI, great to set up different lists of bookmarks


    Some buggy stuff going on

    Has potential, I like the UI so far. Had a bug where I would delete a widget

    but then it would remove the bookmarks I added from a different widget. If I

    refreshed the page, everything appeared normal. Also, a great option would be

    to reorder the bookmarks within a widget. Looks like you can drag them, but

    they don't seem to move anywhere right now.

    Andrew Keiser has used this product for one day.
  • Zoran Stojanovic
    Zoran StojanovicFull-stack marketer.

    Overall: Amazing Product

    -Beautiful UI

    -Great Team

    -Responsive Support (which I don't contact often as the product works great)


    -Wiki feature is still not ready which is understandable as the product is in a beta

    I look forward to the new widgets like: stock prices, cryptocurrency prices etc.

    Zoran Stojanovic has used this product for one month.
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Nicolo S
Nicolo S@coconidodev · Founder/CEO - CryptoAnalyst.co
Looks great! I will definitely be downloading this as soon as I get home 🙂 any plans for integration with Todoist and Evernote? Would make this extremely valuable to me!
Alexander Stasiak
Alexander Stasiak@alexander_stasiak · CEO, Startup Development House
Great tool!
Torstein Gustavsen
Torstein GustavsenMaker@torstein_gustavsen · Tixio
Hi, Torstein Gustavsen here, founder and CEO of Tixio. We’ve been working on Tixio for some time now, and are excited to show what we have started on. We think it as the best way to start your workday, a place where you can visually organize and share your bookmarks and information. Great for teams and individual users alike. We’re actively improving Tixio and would love your feedback to improve Tixio :)
steketee@steketee · CEO, adsomo + Instapour
@torstein_gustavsen hello, lmk if you would be interested in my domain: https://bk.mk, I have been trying to cobble together something for social bookmarks...
Andy Parkhills
Andy Parkhills@aparkhills · Application Developer
Great UI! I like using products when they are this slick. I second @zoransee that the platform needs dynamic widgets for stock markets, currencies, news, etc..
Alex L.
Alex L.@alexl_1988 · Co-Founder, Best in Test
Very nice and handy tool! 👏