The new unified entertainment system from TiVo

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The box is nice, but the remote looks really outdated.
If anyone from TiVo reads this, please contact me. This is an ideal device for Trakt.tv integration.
The same day Chromecast 2 and the Tesla Motors X is announced, this product gets announced. That's some steep competition to out-shout...! Does it do enough, or have Apple and Google taken over the set top market too??
The shape is unique... but it's like a bent playing card that I want to push down and flatten out. Still love me some TiVo though!
The design looks great in a bubble, not sure how it would look on a shelf with any other devices… Maybe they'll start with why this time or just use @SimonSinek's exact pitch he wrote for them. @jsinghdreams is definitely right, about the controller. Seems like it would be perfect if it were a mini version of the box and could settle right on top of the box's bend.