TitleRun - Beta

The game that only exists in your title bar (BETA)

It's simple... πŸƒ Jump over the obstacles to survive!
This is a beta release, so I'll happily take all the feedback that I can get πŸš€
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4 Reviews5.0/5
TitleRun was inspired by a tweet from @round, you can read more about it on the titlerun.xyz site. I'm Jannik, a software engineer in Innsbruck, Austria β›° I love working on small fun projects on the side. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @jnnksbrt
Been playing this for the last two days and absolutely love it πŸ˜‰ So simple but addictive
More of the same please. Hangman in the titlebar? Hope you can find a way to make it pay.
@martin_capodici Love the idea! πŸ’‘
@martin_capodici I decided to implement your idea with title bar and favicon :) https://desmondw.github.io/tab-h...
This is so cool. Perhaps you can make it more smoother when a lot of tabs are open simultaneously.
@shash122tfu I tried, unfortunately the refresh rate is determined by the browser - this was the smoothest I was able to get, but I'll try some different approaches at some point.