Title Race

Race for the Premier League title

Easily follow the run-in for the 2019 Premier League season.
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As much as I love working with others and making products, I try and balance things with hobbies outside tech and products. I love movies and football. I've been a football fan longer than I've been coding and I started coding about age 8, every week I watch matches from the English Premier League, rooting for my child hood team Liverpool. This year they have real shot at winning the Premier league title, as the end of the season approaches and the number games remaining gets smaller I was attempting to see what their fixtures were compared to their closest rivals. I couldn't find an easy way to do this, so I built it for myself. Title Race is a one page application that displays the current standings for the Premier league and an easy to consume list of the remaining games for Liverpool and the current league leaders Manchester City. If another teams catches the top two, I'm able to extend the page to include their information too. I wrote more about the decision to build Title Race: https://medium.com/makesideproje... I hope other football fans find Title Race useful, would love to hear suggestion for making it better. I’ve started to follow Major League football more closely this season so I might be adapting Title Race to the MLS later this year.
Hey Mubashar! Love checking this. The call out box at the top is very useful. Only thing I can say is my team is not in the top 2. Congrats on the launch. Looking forward to seeing what it grows into/ MLS version.
@pradipcloud Thanks! A 3 way race for the title would have been a lot of fun. MLS with it's conferences will make the UI challenging, but looking forward to it!
@mubashariqbal Nice idea. One direction that may be interesting to evolve it is to offer further 'mini-league' races within the table. For example the race for top 4 (I'm a Utd fan so I'd find this more interesting... this season 😉), race against relegation etc. Perhaps even just let the viewer pick the teams they want to compare and it populates the relevant data based on their selection.
@shylands Thanks for the suggestion. I really like the idea of letting users pick, say up-to 4, teams and populating the page with their data.
@shylands Enough people asked for the Champions league race so I added it: https://titlerace.me/champions-l... A page for Premier league survival should be pretty to easy to add too.
Great idea, really like the clean design. Have you thought about having two columns to display the fixtures so that it's easier to compare Liverpool's run-in against Man City's?