Titan for Retirement

Built like a hedge fund, now with IRAs.

Titan is a mobile investing app built like a hedge fund, without the high fees or minimums of traditional funds. We now offer retirement accounts (Traditional and Roth IRAs)! You can also easily roll over an IRA or 401(k) into your Titan IRA via our Concierge.
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I am a current user and can't wait to transfer some IRA funds over – as someone with zero investing experience before this app, Titan has been an extraordinary learning tool
I’m extremely excited about IRAs being offered by Titan. I’m not a current user but will 100% be moving some funds into Titan for retirement.
Clayton Gardner
Co-Founder, Titan
We're pumped to announce that we've launched Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) at Titan! Until now, IRAs have kind of sucked. Complex, opaque, and tons of paperwork. That’s a problem because everyone should have an IRA. IRAs are the single most important part of your long-term financial health. The reason: tax savings, which leave a bigger nest egg for you and your family. Good news is, we’ve reimagined IRAs from the ground up. Titan IRAs are simple, transparent, and fully digitized. They’re the best way to invest in our flagship 13-F investment strategy, built like a hedge fund. We've made it simple thanks to our IRA Concierge, who is available via email, chat, and phone, ready to help you with IRA setup, IRA and 401(k) rollovers, and more. No paperwork. Let us know your feedback and other product/feature requests!
Paul Shuteyev
Experienced Digital Marketer
@cgardn20 Upvoted! Titan looks good Clayton, congrats :) How about an interview about it at StartupRadius.com? Send me a message to paul_AT_startupradius.com if interested.
I have used titan with great returns over the last year. Of note titan has outperformed all others robo advisor in rate of returns in the most recent robo ranking report since inception ~38.8% return rate. Downside is they charge an 1% advisory fee which is much higher than betterment or wealthfront.
@simon_says Btw if you are interested to sing up for Titan (minimum to invest is 100 $) you can use my referral link to get 0.25% discount on advisory fees for both of us. pm me