Tisane Spellchecking API

Check spelling, parse hashtags, deobfuscate in 20+ languages

Tisane API now provides built-in context-aware spellchecking, as well as hashtag parsing and de-obfuscation capabilities. Just like with all the other functions, the functionality is supported across all the languages.
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A video example would be nice, like a screencast
@vladkorobov Understood, thanks, Vlad. It's an API though, it's just sending text and getting a JSON response... Do you mean different examples showing different results? You have it under the Learn more link and in the blog post.
We added native automatic spellchecking and de-obfuscation capabilities to Tisane. As usual, across languages (with some reservations). We believe this functionality has wider applications than the detection of content abuse. Read the linked blog post for more information: https://blog.tisane.ai/index.php...
@vadimberman like a demo of simple app you can built with your api
@vladkorobov Oh, I see. You have an interactive demo here: https://tisane.ai/demo/. Also, if you sign up to the API, you get access to a Test Console, where you can submit the requests interactively. There are also code snippets for the popular programming platforms you can reuse.
@vadimberman the thing is that in demo I have to come up with my text and it is not obvious the value of the product right away. It would be nice if you can point to good thing on a vide. Video is also easy to distribute. Kind of explainer video but with less stupid cartoons. Example of a good compromise explainer video: https://www.metric.ai/
@vladkorobov Understood. Actually, there are links with examples you can click on in the demo. But indeed, a less stupid cartoon might be a way to go :) . Thanks for the example.