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Hey everyone! TipTalk launched in the App Store this week and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you! We're passionate about creating meaningful connections between you and the top influencers, stars, and experts in the world--we're building an entire platform to bring this to fruition. The first step was releasing our iOS app which allows you to message privately with some of these hardest-to-reach people in the world, while bypassing the noise of social media. Get expert advice, or just have fun! We're extremely excited to see so many of our influencers TipTalking on behalf of charities and causes, giving you a direct channel to drive positive change in the world. Let us know what influencers and experts you want us to get on TipTalk, and keep an eye out as we expand the platform over the coming weeks and months. Thanks! - TipTalk Team
Idea sounds very interesting! How do you attract celebrities and influences in your app? How can users be sure that there is a real person behind his / her profile, not a hired intern?
@olgalanova Thanks so much and great questions! Our team has an incredible network of friends, advisors, investors, and we have some great partnerships in place to help attract the influencers. We also hope that fans/followers will reach out to their favorite influencers and recommend that they join. Ultimately we think influencers will recognize the value in being able to both deepen their relationships with their fans/followers while at the same time raising awareness and generating proceeds for a cause they care passionately about. Regarding the matter of trust, and identity verification: This is one matter that we've spent a lot of time solving for and believe separates us from anything that currently exists. Without giving away too much of our secret sauce it starts with every one of our influencers on the platform being human verified (we have a team dedicated to meeting with and verifying the influencers) and the influencer is required to verify their social identities from their TipTalk account. From there we are able to leverage device fingerprinting techniques and usage pattern recognition to ensure that it is indeed the influencer on the other end. If we're ever alerted of a potential misuse of the platform by an influencer (such as the case you described) we will take action and reserve the right to remove them from the platform and reconcile any cost to the fan. Really appreciate your questions!