The keyboard that improves your spelling

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Thanks for posting Roy! We're all extremely excited to hear what the community thinks of Tipo! Tipo is a mobile keyboard that will improve your spelling. The common solution these days is for smartphone keyboards to autocorrect your mistakes. This leaves the user with two significant problems: 1. Autocorrect is far from perfect, and often changes the context of the sentence. This, as we're sure you know, can be quite embarrassing. 2. Autocorrect may momentarily fix a mistake, but it also enslaves the user into full dependency on autocorrect. Proper spelling abilities are lost in the process. That's where TiPO comes along. Tipo uses the timeless method of repetitive learning to improve your spelling. When you make a mistake using TiPO, your device will subtly vibrate, and you will be forced to fix the word before advancing to the next word of your sentence. This ensures you improve on words you find difficult in real time. Please feel free to contact me about anything @TheMeirR
I really, really like this keyboard. I've been switching keyboards like every 3 days recently, trying to find one I like. This might be it! The one thing I would love to see is the ability to modify the haptic feedback. My phone, the HTC One M8, has a ridiculously strong and loud vibrating motor.
I appreciate your feedback @sleumasm ! While we don't offer the ability to customize the strength of haptic feedback, you can turn it off from our settings menu (open the app to reach the settings). We'll definitely look in to adding additional modification settings in the future!