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TipHive is an easy way to organize your team, knowledge and projects - enabling an emerging modern work style across borders and timezones.

  • Madiken Helsel
    Madiken HelselHelping early-stage start-ups

    Great way to track and share everything related to market research!



    It's a really good way to capture and develop ideas as your company grows.

    I really don't want to and won't share everything I find with the team in Slack because it clutters their Slack. Information just needs to be available for the team to go find when they need it.

    Madiken Helsel has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Keep Ideas organized

    Share Tips and Tricks with teammates

    Open communication between various types of teams



    Working for TipHive on the development team, we used it to track feature requests, prepare onboarding documentation for new developers, created cards with various technologies we think about using, and much more.

    With the new planning features, we can assign cards to specific people and track when things are done. Great addition.

    Anthony has used this product for one year.
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Harold Hughes
Harold HughesHunter@onebandwagonfan · Founder, CEO @ Bandwagon
Hey guys. We've been using TipHive for a while now and we love it! It's an awesome tool to help better organize your team's information and move projects forward. The TipHive team has been incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Highly recommend it.
ShanniceMaker@shannice_singletary · Goofy Goober. Co-Founder @ TipHive
@onebandwagonfan It's been great to have you as an early customer and supporter Harold. Thanks again for hunting us!!
JoostMaker@joostwentink · Co-founder at TipHive
Thanks for hunting us Harold! We're excited to share our story. We built TipHive because we needed a better way to organize information in our team. We had it all over the place - in emails, chats, drives, task apps and notebooks. No one could ever find anything. We needed a way to centralize our information in one place, so that we could move things forward faster. When we designed TipHive we had 4 things in mind: Self-organization We wanted to empower the team to take charge of their own work with a unique blend of content, planning and performance tools into one single workspace - believing that self-organizing teams are the most productive teams. Bite-sized information Most of the information we share on a daily basis is short. It's too short for a document, but needs to be better organized than chat or email. We wanted a faster way of sharing that was also better organized. Everyone is unique We recognized that every team member has a unique way of working. No two people seem to organize information the same way, which is why information is often so hard to find (where did she put that??). We wanted the flexibility to let every team member personalize their workspace and organize their own way. Multipurpose UI To keep it all in one place, the app needs to support multiple use cases. We designed several Views for content, planning and performance: Grid, List, Kanban, To-Do, Docs, Wiki, Timelines and more. TipHive has changed how we work as a team and we hope it does for you too! Give it a try and we love to get your feedback. For fun, check out this comic about how we got hunted: https://www.startupvalleycomic.com/
Dan Waldschmidt
Dan Waldschmidt@danwaldo · Managing Partner, Waldschmidt Partners
@joostwentink What an awesome platform. I think it's time to move The EDGY Empire over. Proud to see what you have put together.
JoostMaker@joostwentink · Co-founder at TipHive
@danwaldo Thanks Dan! Let me know how we can help!
Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper@abbycooper · Experienced Marketer
Great product. Love the clean interface! Seems perfect for note taking, project planning, brainstorming etc
ShanniceMaker@shannice_singletary · Goofy Goober. Co-Founder @ TipHive
@abbycooper Thanks for your comment! We love to hear what people want to use TipHive for :)
Dan Heredia
Dan Heredia@danhered · Marketing Manager, Zipit
A very valuable product with a fantastic team behind it. At a company like ours with different lines of business and different teams to service them accordingly, it helps to have a place where we can keep each team informed of the latest industry trends & market needs - and how they can impact our businesses. TipHive is perfect for this with its organization features and easy-to-use search functions. The TipHive team is also genuinely interested in helping customers and partners get the most out of the product, which is unique (and appreciated) at a time when many technology companies push users to figure it all out themselves.
ShanniceMaker@shannice_singletary · Goofy Goober. Co-Founder @ TipHive
@danhered Thank you so much for this really thoughtful comment Dan!!
Bryce Edwards
Bryce Edwards@bryceedwards · Freelance programmer
Awesome platform, beautiful design. My favorite feature from exploring the app so far has got to be having all of those different views in one app. Seems like a great organization/planning app for any project/task.
ShanniceMaker@shannice_singletary · Goofy Goober. Co-Founder @ TipHive
@bryceedwards Thanks so much for your awesome comment, we're glad you like it!