Venmo tipping made easy.

Since no one carries cash anymore, TipDoggy allows anyone to send you Venmo tips simply by scanning your cute doggy's (QR code) belly.
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The idea first came about as a solution to try and get people to donate to us as a good will gesture for throwing and paying for parties at our home. The problem with accepting donations was that no one really carries any cash, let alone in the desirable denominations. It's equally inconvenient to give and collect. Where people do have cash stashed is Venmo. So could I unlock this money for tipping? Well, the shortcoming of Venmo is that it's fairly cumbersome to tell someone your Venmo handle, have them confirm it's you and then have them make a decision of how much exactly they want to give. Venmo _does_ expose QR codes to user profiles but if you'll go through the effort of printing one of these codes (and there's no easy way to do this) it is still extra effort for your tippers to decide how much is a suitable tip, fill out the payment form and confirm. All of this extra effort weighs on if they will actually commit to paying you! I wanted to streamline this process and make cashless payments a more enjoyable experience using Venmo. How to use TipDoggy: 1) Choose your Venmo handle. 2) Set your preferred tip amount. 3) Print your TipDoggy! Upon scanning your QR code with their camera app, a user is presented with your suggested Venmo payment amounts. This service is completely free at the moment and doesn't require any registration of any sort. I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions if you have them.
This would be awesome for street performers...and restaurants. There’s been so many times where I’ve wanted to tip someone but didn’t have cash. I like how the tipdoggy is a cute external trigger so it doesn’t feel as desperate as just asking for money. I also like how it’s quick. It cuts out all the steps of giving someone your Venmo and then that person searching your name and asking “ok is this you??” and then typing out an amount. I just printed my tipdoggy and hung it on my door in case my roommates want to tip me for shits n gigs lol.