Tip Me With Sushi

Get tipped for your work with Crypto Sushi

Get Tips with Sushi!
The fun way to ask fans to support your work! Get paid instantly by your fans directly into your PayPal AND receive a cute virtual sushi secured on blockchain. No waiting, ZERO fees from BlockPunk! Sign up get a free sushi worth $3!
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An interesting product for sure. How is it secured on the blockchain? Are you using a particular crypto coin? If secured on the blockchain, why use PayPal instead of a cryptocurrency? Have you thought about adding the ability to tip with crypto currencies?
@stephenchip hey Stephen thx so much for the comments, my apologies for a late reply! Each sushi is a crypto collectible represented by a non-fungible token based on the ERC-721 standard, public Ethereum blockchain. We don't use any particular coin but we do spend gas fees to record the ownership and mint the token. We chose to use PayPal because we found that most creators and fans we speak to in the anime manga space where we operate do not own ether or crypto and often live in countries where it's difficult to obtain crypto. We would love to benefit from the efficiencies of digital money if it weren't the case but that's the reality we have seen. On our site fans can also choose to buy crypto art from creators in crypto currency which is a form of tipping as the creator retains most of the money but for now the sushi tips are paypal only as we test this out. We hope it's a way for fans who are familiar with tipping in other mediums to get their feet wet with crypto. Thanks so much for the great questions, hope this helps answer! Cheers, Julian
We wanted an easy, casual way for creators to get tipped from their fans that reflected our Japan heritage. With crypto sushi, fans can gift their favourite creators with a timeless digital item, get paid right away and not have to worry about the plumbing of blockchain!