A basic time sheet for Mac.

Hours per project. Updates take a few seconds with a few clicks. No timers.

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When I press on "App Store" image, it just goes to "../" or "appcandy.de"?
@tommy_jepsen Oops. Works now.
Is there any trial version we can try?
@am_alakkad Sorry, no trial at this time. Maybe in the future.
Great !! How’s this different from other?
@ayush_chandra At this point it is very basic - so not that much 'meat' (yet) to differentiate with. But at its core its (a) completely avoiding anything related to timers which makes it usable 'async' instead of forcing the user to always think about it -or- repair bad data afterwards. And (b) It strongly focuses on an UI approach that is optimized for fast and easy updating by having everything at top-level of the UI while being pure and 'in your face'. No popups/popovers, no small buttons to hit, params to configure, cockpit UI to get lost in. But, it is currenlty limited feature-wise: Only hourly granularity, only 1 level of projects/activities, no sync, no integrations. That would change in future updates.
I just bought this, and it's not working at all. Sad to see that macOS 10.13 isn't supported (evidently); I'm on High Sierra 10.13.1 ... (screencast http://yum.sqr.fr/f4gkPJp ) Rather than ding you with ONE STAR on the App Store, can you let me know when you might upgrade?
Also, I would use the word "TODAY" (or "VIEW TODAY") instead of "GO TO NOW". The word "NOW" implies this minute and/or hour and/or day. THX
@pixelmelter Hi Alan, Sorry for the bad experience. It actually works, but the missing onboarding UI and the way the UI works when you start the App for the first time is making this hard and confusing. The thing you need to do is click on "List" to get to the Project List (which is empty initially) and click on "Add new Project" to create a new Project. Double click on the area with the name to edit the initial default name, there you can also use the buttons to the right to select a different color, hide/unhide or delete the project. (if you have records for a project then the delete icon changes to a lock and requires confirmation.) I am right now working on Help and Tutorial and Onboarding to fix these problems. An update adding Help / Manual plus some tweaks is to be submitted in the next days Sorry again that you had a bad initial experience. Thanks a lot for putting in the effort to write this feedback here (and even providing the video!!). I am very interested in getting user experience feedback to improve the product, so if you feel like giving me more input on what you think is less than ideal and/or features that are really missing for your requirements or are just desirable extras from your perspective - then please let me know.
@boristriebel A-HA! It does work now. :D (spelling error: "New Category")
@pixelmelter Ah you catched that, too :) That one is fixed in the coming update. Terminology is also tweaked. It's going to be "Project". Thx for giving feedback. Much appreciated.