Mobile-first mini spreadsheet that's private and powerful

The world’s tiniest spreadsheet has only as many rows & columns as you need, and it’s easy to use on mobile touchscreen keyboards. Unlike multi-megabyte spreadsheets, Tinysheet loads instantly. You never sign in & your data never gets saved on a server.
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"Why make yet another spreadsheet?" you may be wondering. At first glance I thought the same thing, but here's why Tinysheet shines: * It's lightweight: Unlike multi-megabyte spreadsheets, Tinysheet loads instantly. 850kb versus Google Sheets loading 22MB into your browser when you hit sheets.new. * It's mobile-first: Easily enter formulas on your phone’s keyboard with Tinysheet’s smart touchbar * It's private: You never sign in and Tinysheet runs completely locally in-browser only, so none of your data gets saved anywhere in the cloud. Your calculations persist when you share your sheet b/c it's hashed after the # in the URL, which doesn't get sent back to the server. * It's powerful: Tinysheet has all the functionality you expect. including cell references and ranges, SUM(), AVERAGE(), percentages, and nested formulas * It's shareable: Just copy the link to your Tinysheet to share it. Fantastic for quick back of envelope calculations, like splitting the bill or tallying up profits or percentages.