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Hi guys, Here is the creator of Tinypress. I created it because I wanted an easier way to manage my Github page blog. Be free to ask me any question about it.
@kehers does this work with existing jekyll pages?
@matmik Yes it does work with existing Jekyll pages.
Really cool wrapper, but does it work with custom domains? As someone who's fully capable of figuring out jeykll, and did so for Musicgeeks (http://musicgeeks.co) I gotta say it was a pain. I'd love if I could use something like this for Musicgeeks, including scheduled posts, which I don't really want to wrangle and haven't up to this point.
@dshan Yes Derek. It works with custom domains. You can even edit your domain from Tinypress. (Tinypress edits the CNAME file). No scheduled post yet but it is one of the features I'm working on for the next update.
@dshan Just want hint that scheduled post is up.
@kehers awesome site! how do I add an already existing blog? it only allows me to create a .github.io from a list of templates. I have my blog already, just need to be able to edit it with TinyPress