Analytics, metrics & insights for your Instagram account.

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Product is pre-launch
by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co)

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Hey guys - Alin from TinyMetrics here. First of all - thanks for the hunt @kwdinc - I really appreciate it. Now a bit about TinyMetrics: I've started working on it about a week ago during the 7 Day Startup Challenge - even though I had a similar project that I was playing around with. I was playing around with another analytics tool for Instagram but their metrics didn't seem to work for me so I wanted to build something that is focused more on the analytical parts of a profile (hard numbers about your profile and your competitors, info regarding your followers) - and also put those number in context - why the number of followers has increased/declined, how can you increase your engagement rate etc. It's still a work in progress but I'm really exited of the feedback so far and I'm striving to build a better Instagram analytics tool.
@alincatalin @kwdinc seems this is closed beta so unfortunately will have to unfeature for now. Let us know when it's ready!
@bentossell Yeah - had a quick chat with a friend and I wanted to send you an email to unfeature the post just for this reason. Thanks
@alincatalin great minds think alike ;)
@bentossell Haha - guess so. Didn't know that you can "unhunt" a product - but thanks for unfeatureing it. Was hunted a bit to early.
I'm a beta tester for a few days now and I really like what @alincatalin has built so far - the insights TinyMetrics provides is really nice. There's still room for improvement but a really nice job so far!
Thanks - I really hope you'll find value in the metrics and insights TinyMetrics can provide. And also thanks for your valuable feedback ;) you rock!
@rossdcurrie you tried this out?
@bentossell I shall once @alincatalin lets me in! I was about to build my own next week!
@rossdcurrie @bentossell Just go to TinyMetrics.in and sign up for early access - and you'll be in the next batch of early users. We also plan to launch the public beta in about 2 weeks.