Full featured web based JavaScript WYSIWYG HTML Editor

TinyMCE is a powerful and stable WYSIWYG HTML editor. It comes with more than 40 editing tools and premium features such as improved spell check, file management and upgraded copy-paste.

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I think this product is officially over 10 years old.
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@yvoschaap the project is for sure. It's been around as long as WordPress. There have been lots of significant releases since then though. Version 4.3.12 was two weeks ago.
@yvoschaap True, but a lot of apps show up on Product Hunt that aren't exactly new. It has been around longer than Wordpress - this was a big deal in the early days of Joomla.
What most people don't realize about TinyMCE is that it is one of those "cornerstone" products on the web. It is used in WordPress, Drupal, and other frameworks as well as lots of other websites like Inbound and 1000's of others.
@patrickcoombe thx for the recognition and yes, many thousands of sites and project including a lot of *very well known* and used tech products/services.
@patrickcoombe I hope you don't mind but I featured your quote on our home page at www.ephox.com
Happy to see this pop up in the feed. This is one of the web's unsung heros. It runs many of our favorite sites. Regularly updated, easy to use and powerful.
@_jacurtis thx. we're getting there with a regular cadence of major updates and there are fixes and minor dot point updates every few weeks. @afraithe and @spocke are unbelievably productive guys (plus the team has grown a bunch in the past 12 months).
@_jacurtis thanks for your kind words! I hope you don't mind but I featured your quote on our home page at https://www.ephox.com
The old good guy on PH :)
@csaba_kissi lol, we'll take that in the spirit intended :-) thx!
Great product for sure! The basis of so many apps.
@falkoj thx, appreciate the shout out!