Free crowd-sourced avatar gallery including Sketch plugin

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Great plugin! What about using also illustrations as yours for the plugin? It would be great to choose between real pictures or illustrations, and every artist can upload their ones! :D
@lemarthini is it made in Vapor? Saw a guy sharing and commenting at Vapor slack group something like: "Proof of concept Vapor is ready for production".
@amarildo_lucas @lemarthini Hey, yeah you can check the source code over here: https://github.com/maximedegreve...
@amarildo_lucas I'm not the owner buddy, it's @ maximedegreve
this plus the ppl.ai...
I've tried the sketch plugin, works great except one thing, when I try to insert the new face into to the same object it keeps the old one instead of replacing it.
Isn't this like the excellent Craft plugin, only with fewer features?
Congrats for launching tinyfaces! I needed an alternative while UIfaces was down. But I wonder if people realize that right now 90% of the avatars are white males. The rest that I can identify - 3 female avatars and 6 avatars, out of 36. Can I just encourage non-WM to add their avatars? (Tell your non-WM friends!) Otherwise, designers who use this plugin will only add mostly one kind of avatar to their mockups. And we all know that the Internet has a diverse group of users ;)
@jennyshen sorry for using the service ๐Ÿ™‚ - problem is that it requires people to use the service themselves, so not much the creators can do. Honestly shouldn't make a big deal in mockups anyway, it's just for .. mocking up .. so the pictures does not matter in the end, will be replaced when actual content is present - but would be nice ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
@lasserafn I disagree. If the pictures do not matter, why don't designers just use grey squares? If we can't picture our users in the mockups, how can the users picture themselves using the products we designed?
@jennyshen I've done so multiple times (before plugins like these) - problem is that clients dont understand it, if no image is present; plus it looks nicer with actual content (just like actual content works better than lorem ipsum) Again, it would be nice to have the diversity; but it's not like the founders can do very much about it. Do not misunderstand me for someone who can not see the problem with the lack of diversity in general (I especially see it in tech) but I just dont see a problem with in, in regards to mockups; as they're not final, but.. mockups.
@jennyshen The creator has updated the Sketch Plugin to allow us to filter between males and females; hence we can add female-only pictures in the designs โ€” a positive step in my opinion, I'll be using the female one quite a lot (especially considering most of my work is products marketed towards women)