A small library for manipulating the favicon

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This is awesome! I'd love to see this introduced as a WordPress plugin to update the favicon whenever I post new stories.
Anyone know why a lot of sites have moved onto using notifications as numbers in brackets like (4) ?
@mutlu82 are you referring to the presentation (with parentheses/brackets) or the notification itself? Title bar notifications that update in real-time are a lightweight way to pull people back to the site that leave it open in another tab. Changing the favicon is clever and probably more noticeable. Some take it a step further and trigger a sound when that number increments (e.g. Facebook when you receive a new comment on a post).
@rrhoover Yeah I mean the presentation of them, I use to notice a lot of sites use the method of Tinycon but gradually it seems to be the more along the lines of Facebook and display it like (this)
Thanks for the votes all :)