An adorable new weather app for iPhone and iPad

Tinyclouds generates a Beautiful new scene from the current weather conditions and the time of day. Tinyclouds uses the Dark Sky weather service which makes for a Super Accurate forecast.

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Hello all! I’m happy to release Tinyclouds to the world. Tinyclouds is a weather app with a unique and fun style. The idea for Tinyclouds came from a longtime love of low poly/pixel/iso art. I started playing with the idea over a year ago. I have a wife and four kids so I was only able to work on it here and there. Turns out raising kids and building a product is a slow, frustrating journey. I wouldn’t change it for anything! 😍👱‍♀️👧👦👧👶 Tinyclouds is pretty basic right now, but I think there are a lot of interesting future paths it could take. Thank you!
@mikel_io This is really cool! I'm also a huge fan of low polly/pixel art so you've definitely got my attention with the art style. If time wasn't a factor, what kind of features would you like to add in the future?
@jakecrump Hi Jake! One of the big features I would like to add is different scenes. Right now it shows one simple generic town. I think you could have scenes of different types of places, specific cities, funny situations, maybe some current events, etc... I think a weather app like this needs to be always changing and put a smile on your face each day. That's my vision! I also would like to improve the weather details. Radar, alerts, details, etc... I believe you can have a weather app that is fun and interesting, while still accurate and useful. Thanks for the question Jake!
@mikel_io Great work Mikel! Love the idea here and the beauty of it. Have just purchased 🙌
@mikel_io Great work Mikel. It's always nice to hear about entrepreneurs with a family who still create time to realize their dreams. I like the way you have used the SimCity style graphics which gives people a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. Flappy Bird was a big hit and that used similar design. My feedback would be that when the clouds move over, they block the view but I suppose that you are trying to show the weather. Have you considered changing the angle so you are looking up from the ground to see the clouds?
@davidjlowe Thanks David! I will have to give the "view being blocked" problem some thought, thanks for the feedback! Yep, I spent half of my childhood staring at Sim City (Sim City 2000 for me 😁)

Love the concept. Hope to see more features added to it.

I'd go nuts if the environment was a render of a popular city in my location.


Cheerful design


Needs more features and contextual UI events.

If the Monument Valley team made a weather app. Nice work, @mikel_io.
Cool idea! Can you make it free today only for Product Hunters? Or send promo codes?
@beedesignllc Absolutely, DM me on Twitter for a promo code.
@mikel_io about to hit your DM, thanks!
@izreiff Your promo code has been delivered. Enjoy!
@mikel_io Looks like an awesome alternative weather app! Promo still available?
@beedesignllc Lol, promo code to a .99 app?? am I missing something?
Ignore anyone saying otherwise, it looks beautiful. Nice job mate!