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TinyCert is a simple, free, PKI-as-a-service. It allows you to create your own CAs and certificates and serves as a central directory for your private and public keys, CSRs and certificates.
Glad you like it. For your own safety, be sure to read the FAQ about what to and what not to do.
@shdon Still helpful, thank you. I use SSCs much less than I could due to the part which involves making a blood sacrifice to OpenSSL and poring over arcane error codes for hours to find out which step I've forgotten in the months since I last tried to enact the rite of certificate issuance.
@grayj_ Precisely my reason for doing this. And usually it's crunch time because the SSC has expired.
How are you different from these folks: http://www.cacert.org ?
@joshkerr CAcert act as a root authority. Trusting them also implies trusting the certificates from (or rather: for) any other CAcert user. With TinyCert, there is no "grand" root certificate, but one is generated for each account.