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Please please please release this on Android, looks amazing.
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@julianlozanoaz +1. When I saw the headline for Tinycards this morning, I immediately went to download it before even clicking through. Hopefully your Android version is in the works, so we don't have to wait long.
@julianlozanoaz I just can't wait for it. And even more amazing if it comes with Japanese / Chinese Kanjis support
@julianlozanoaz Stay tuned :)
Hi, ProductHunt!. I'm Jack from Duolingo. We're incredibly excited to share what we've been working on, and the team are here to answer any questions you might have - so fire away! About Tinycards (App Store Editor's Choice) _ "You know why flashcards are famous? Because they work. And frankly, we think Tinycards work even better. This clever app - made by the people behind language-learning classic Duolingo - makes it easy to subscribe to topics ranging from famous landmarks to historical events, then receive tons of interactive cards to memorize. You can hear pronunciation, study illustrations, and unlock new decks as you progress - and it's actually fun the whole time. Take that, flashcards." - Apple App Store, Editor's Choice
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@jckmgn @gregorydhartman @karin_tsai @tylrmurphy @dklionsk Well done team!!! I've always been exceptionally impressed with you guys on so many fronts. I would love illumination on your decision making process as to how this came about, I did some googling and stumbled onto a one year old thread with specific details from many avid users saying they wanted a flash card native app, considering you guys built the community to offer support and guidance like this, how has this positively impacted your development cycle, and does it at all define how you iterate and try new things? here is the link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment... to the comment thread posted a year ago
@nicholassheriff Thanks, Nicholas! The origin story for Tinycards is a long, mysterious one - but the short version is that Tinycards was born out of an internal Duolingo Hackathon that only lasted one day. We created rough prototypes of a 'Tinder style' flashcard app that at the time, was called Stacks. The UX and visual design of the original concept app was far different to what we're launching today, but it laid the foundations for what Tinycards is now. Hopefully we'll be able to share more on this soon - look out for a case study from our Design team in the near future!
@jckmgn Hey, hey! Love the app. What's the best image res for a card? Do they automatically convert to rounded corners?
@jckmgn Is Thai audio on its way, or the ability to record your own audio? Useful and beautiful app, by the way! Thanks :)
I think that visuals + bitesize chunks are so optimal for learning a language! Well done Duolingo :)
@bentossell Thanks, Ben! Fun fact: the first thing I studied on the internal beta testing app was The Original 150 Pokemon. It's actually a great example of how well our methods can work with completely new, abstract information.
Well Done!!! I love this app. The ability to create my own flash card deck is great. I have not played with it enough yet. Can we share decks with people / groups / make it public?
@jacobkbluhm Thanks, Jacob! All decks are public by default, but there's a 'Private' toggle you can tap before/after publishing your own deck to make it private and visible only by you. You can absolutely share decks with other Tinycards users, regardless of whether they're your own decks or those made by others. You can also follow accounts to see the decks they create, and have your friends follow you, too.
@jckmgn I was excited to see a new product from Duolingo, because I enjoy using it so much, but I was bummed to see it was iOS only. I'll try to get someone I know to download/try it on iOS so I can give feedback. I get why you would start with iOS, but I'm still bummed I can't have it, yet.
@hellosmoore Thanks, Shannon! Not to worry - we put a lot of focus on Android at Duolingo and Tinycards will be no exception. It's on the way, and it's going to be awesome. Please keep your eyes peeled!
@askdaylen Just downloaded it, I'll check it out!