Tiny Tower Laptop Stand

A premium portable and height adjustable laptop stand.

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Hi all. I'm Matt, the designer/co-founder of the Tiny Tower. Super happy to be up on Product Hunt! We wanted to design a laptop stand to help prevent the poor posture and subsequent pain (and sometimes damage) associated with too much laptop use. The Tiny Tower has 10 separate levels of push button height adjustment that you can set with the laptop on or off, open or closed. It folds down in under 10 seconds to a flat and portable unit that's easy to carry. The base is made of aluminium so it's strong yet also lightweight and durable. We've been working hard on it for the past 18 months. My background is in industrial design and manufacturing so we've been though 8 prototypes and now have the version you see in the photos. It works really well and we have suppliers lined up and ready to go. We will be launching on Kickstarter in early May. Happy to answer any questions you might have! Cheers.
"coming soon to Kickstarter"... this is like a line to get into another line. Getting too meta O.o . Cool stand though, wish that it could actually tilt the keyboard down in order to bring the screen closer to my eyes. That's the primary reason I don't use "flat" laptop stands and prefer easel designs. The use case for a desktop laptop stand is that you're primarily utilizing the screen, so I don't understand why you would need the keyboard level. If you're using an external monitor, and you want your laptop screen to line up with that monitor, that means the keyboard is most likely jutting out towards you and encroaching on your external keyboard/mouse space.
@wuss Thanks for your feedback. One of our main aims was to offer really easy height adjustment. With the Tiny Tower you slide your hand under the laptop, press a button and simply lift it up and down to the correct height - release to lock. In our experience easel designs are harder to adjust (reach around etc). Also - with the Tiny Tower the keyboard sits out and over the base so there's still plenty of room underneath for your external keyboard and mouse. Hope that clarifies our decision making! Matt
@wuss As much as I like this stand, I will definitely forget about it when it actually launches on Kickstarter. I am really not sure what the creator is going after by pre-launching his kickstarter campaign on product hunt. Good product though!
Beautiful design. I've been needing a stand that goes higher than the one I currently have, but with an affordable price. Looking forward to learning more in the Kickstarter.
@scottwyden Thanks. We're confident the Tiny Tower will meet all those requirements! See you on Kickstarter.
Interested in seeing what the price of this is going to be. Definitely one of the cooler looking versions of this product, but I'm not looking to spend a ton of money on something like this.
@bradmichelson We're still finalising pricing but we're confident we are going to hit an affordable price point - especially for our early Kickstarter backers. Cheers, Matt
1. Adjustable Height. 2. Portable. 3. Profit. Well done. Can't wait to pre-order.
@joshuapinter Great! Can't wait either :)