Tiny Thesaurus

A Whatsapp bot for all your wordly needs

Get quick references to synonyms, antonyms, rhyming words, definitions and many more on Whatsapp instantly!

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Woah this is super cool @adityakrshnn, great job! It's really useful, and quick to access πŸ˜„ Do you mind if I add this as an example bot built by following my tutorial? https://bit.do/wikibott1
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@jajoosam Yes no problem!
Tiny Thesaurus was made to help users avoid switching out of Whatsapp to go googling for simple definitions or rhymes. πŸ˜„ Didn't understand that one word that your colleague just said? or Your friends have started an impromptu lyrics battle and now you want some rhyming words ASAP? No need to switch apps and go googling for words. All your urgent needs will be taken care of by the Tiny Thesaurus Bot with instant replies and multiple suggestions on Whatsapp. P.S. It makes use of Twilio's Whatsapp API and is currently in sandbox mode, hence the logo and number.
@adityakrshnn hi there I am interested in your twillo/ whatsapp API experience? is it easy to use ?
@francoolaami Yes it's really easy to use and it's fast too. Twilio is just providing sandbox numbers for now but soon it would get you dedicated numbers for your bots. You can route the client messages to an endpoint and then send results from it.
@adityakrshnn is it possible bot and glitch are down ?
@adityakrshnn also, can you share the glitch url ? i want to glitch it :)
@francoolaami I made the tutorial @adityakrshnn seems to have followed - https://bit.do/wikibott1 πŸ˜„
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website doesn't work anymore
@uzzy_naeem There seemed to be an issue with the project. I have moved it to https://ribbon-phone.glitch.me Sorry about that πŸ˜…
Kya baat hai @sameer_kadam check out yo bro doing cool things