Tiny Text

A weekly article sent via sms, on topics of your choice

💬 Sometimes we spend more time picking what to read rather than reading.
With Tiny Text, simply select topics that interest you, and receive an article to read on-the-go every week!
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👋Hi there! 💭When reading from the news feed, we sometimes find ourselves in a selection dilemma; we spend more time picking what to read rather than reading. Because of this, we decided to let the computer choose what we read next! 🗞With Tiny Text, you will receive an article each week through SMS. There's no rush to read it now, but if you find yourself commuting or have some spare time, you can read that article sitting in your text. 🧧A little caveat here: we find ourselves needing to buy groceries just like you, so there is a small fee for Tiny Text. Each month, Tiny Text will cost you 67¢ a month, or $8 a year, that's the cost of less than a sandwich!
How would you ensure that only high quality articles are being sent ?
@hammad_akbar We are doing our best to curate a set of articles from different sources! We hope that future versions will enable anyone to curate their own set of articles tho! 📚
How do I choose what articles I want to read? Who decides what articles are sent to me?
@kensavage Currently we are curating the article list. In the future, you will be able to curate your own article list! Do you prefer to curate your own article list?