Tiny Tap

Create educational games from your photos

Tiny Tap lets anyone learn and have fun by making their own learning apps and playing thousands of apps created by a worldwide community They recently were one of three companies to win the million dollar Verizon's Powerful answers award . The app is truly changing the way educational tools can be created and consumed I am not a target user but have played around with the app and it is a great experience. It is super simple to design and publish a game and let other play for free or even sell your game. Other members can play your game and you can go ahead and play others. I think this is an amazing tool to get kids to use their tablets for and I've personally sent it around to numerous family and friends. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.
Thanks @ngaleeapp for introducing TinyTap!nnTinyTap is how you make the people you love smarter! It's the simplest way to turn anything into a fun personalized learning app.nnGrab a picture or design one on TinyTap and add Interactive hotspots to bring it to life.nnyou'll meet teachers, experts and creative minds, not auto generated computer activities. Learn from real people with real experience and passion.nnIt's free, fun and simple, learn a new language or teach one, see you there!nnnn