Tiny Royale

Zynga's new battle royale exclusive to Snap Games 👾

Tiny Royale™ is a bite sized battle royale style game available now on Snapchat!
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Super curious how Snap Games performs. I personally haven't played any of its games yet. Have you?
Yup! They're fun.
I have but meh
Not yet
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Snapchat's first royale game! Curious to see if Zynga can recreate what it did with Facebook on Snapchat.
Interested in seeing how Snap Games performs, as well. This game looks very, very similar to Battlelands Royale. Unless I'm missing something (maybe Zynga owning the studio that makes Battlelands Royale) it seems like for Zynga's attempt at Snap Games they just cloned a game that's doing pretty well on the AppStore.

i love how you can play with friends.


it is a really fun game


the little map where it shows your place, should show the whole map if you click on it

i have a question: how do you open the chests in the corner of the home screen